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Our craft beer menu has great choices from artisans and brewers alike.

When you go to a place that has delectable foods like hamburgers and wings on the menu, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this same menu also carries a selection of beers to pair with your delightful eatery. Here at Steamers Sports Pub, we are no different, except in addition to the foods and drinks that are so common at chains in and around Charlotte, North Carolina, we have taken a more personal touch with our menu and decided to choose craft beers for our craft beer menu.

Craft Beer Menu in Charlotte, North Carolina

When you choose the craft beer menu from Steamers, you are getting beers from people and artisans rather than larger corporations. Our craft beer menu is full of beer options that range in taste and flavor to suit everyone’s own personal tastes while also ensuring that everyone will be able to find a safe favorite that they love. Our craft beer menu is selected not by a large corporation, but from our own people who have tasted and can vouch for our craft beer selections.

When you are looking for a relaxing place to sit down and watch the game, a casual dining experience or just want to shoot a couple of games of pool while enjoying a beer or two after work, then come and see us here at Steamers! We know that once you have tried a selection from our craft beer menu paired with one of our delicious meal options, you will have found a new favorite place to eat and relax in the Charlotte area.