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Game Leagues & Tournaments, Charlotte, NC

Have fun with old friends and new with our game leagues & tournaments.

Game Leagues & Tournaments, Charlotte in North Carolina

Get ready to have a good time here at Steamers Sports Pub! Flex your competitive muscles and enjoy the company of old friends and new by participating in our game leagues & tournaments. As you could’ve guessed, we love sports here at our pub, and when you’re not watching the game on one of our 100 televisions, we want you to get involved and play a game of your own.

Here are the main game leagues & tournaments offered at our sports pub:

  • Pool and pool leagues—We have 8 Ball Express Pool League every Thursday night. Our four pool tables are Available to the public at any time except for during league hours on Thursdays.
  • Dart and dart leagues—Come in and play darts on one of our 10 dart boards with your buddies every night of the week. Dart league is every Tuesday night. We also have two soft tip (electronic) dart boards. Every Saturday night is the Blind Draw, which begins at 8:30. Sign-ups begin at 8:00. It is Available to anyone that would like to play! it’s $6 per person.
  • Foosball tournaments—We have Foosball Tournaments every Wednesday and Friday night. Wednesday night it begins at 8 and Friday night it starts at 9 pm. Anyone is Available to play! We have the Tornado Platinum Edition tables for your enjoyment. Come in and play solo or bring a group!

Don’t miss out on a ton of fun by getting involved in our game leagues & tournaments! Find out more about when you can play and compete by contacting us at Steamers today. We look forward to having you come and play a round of foosball, pool, or darts the next time you’re out on the town in Charlotte, North Carolina! 


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