3 Tips for Improving Your Pool Game

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Here at Steamers Sports Pub, we have plenty of pool tables for our patrons to enjoy. Most people see pub games such as pool as a chance to have a friendly contest while enjoying good food with good company, but others are interested in more serious competition. Whether you are interested in joining one of our pool leagues or you just want to improve enough to beat your friends, here are three tips for taking your pool game to the next level.

3 Tips for Improving Your Pool Game

  1. Fix Your Grip- One way to make your  pool game a lot better is to adjust your grip on the cue. Many inexperienced pool players grip the cue too tight, which makes them more likely to hit the cue ball too low, causing it to bounce unpredictably. Instead, we recommend relaxing and loosening your grip, practicing that hold until it becomes natural.
  2. Adjust Your Stance- Another way to improve your pool game is to use the right stance. In general, the ideal stance for playing pool is to place one foot in front of the other, about shoulder-width apart; point your front foot straight ahead and turn your back foot at a 45 degree angle to the one in front. Make sure to stand with your weight spread evenly across both feet, rather than leaning heavily to the front. Practice shooting in this stance until it feels comfortable.
  3. Align Your Body- Our third tip for improving your pool game is to align your body properly. Your head, eyes, stroking arm, and cue should all be aligned in the same direction, straight towards your target. Align the cue with your sightline, then align your forearm to the same line, and so on.