Enjoying Karaoke for Beginners

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Singing in front of people is like public speaking, but somehow harder to get right, and yet, karaoke is a popular pastime. Why is it then, that this is seen as an enjoyable activity and perhaps most importantly, should you try it out? Absolutely! Whether you want to try it out on your own or with a crowd, here are a few ways for beginners to try out this popular pastime.

Enjoying Karaoke for Beginners

First, think carefully about your song selection. If you are new to karaoke, you might think to just pick a safe song that everyone knows, but there’s more to it than that. Some songs are so overplayed that the first few notes might illicit some eye rolling or groans from the audience. Think of a song that you love to sing along with, one that is within your vocal range, and preferably one that doesn’t come with a long intro or drum solo.

Second, go with people who make you feel comfortable if you are nervous. Now is not the time to show a first date how calm and cool you are under pressure. If you’re anxious, choose your most confident song and outfit, and go out with your best buds who will be supportive.

Finally, choose your venue with a little research. Some venues have themes or requirements that might make your options limited and bring on unwanted anxiety.

At Steamers Sports Pub, we would love for you to try karaoke with us! Give us a call or come on down for our next karaoke night.