Explore High-Quality Offerings on a Craft Beer Menu

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When you sit down to peruse a craft beer menu, the benefits posed by those beers may be the last thing on your mind. While it is widely recommended that alcohol intake be moderate, craft beer offers some benefits to your health beyond the social aspect of enjoying a craft brew at your local pub.

Explore High-Quality Offerings on a Craft Beer Menu

Craft beers are more carefully crafted than big name brands and use higher-quality ingredients that more closely align with traditional beer making. Rather than using extra additives, craft brewers like to stick with traditional ingredients- hops, malt, yeast, and water- to create tasty brews with the natural characteristics offered by different varieties of said ingredients.

In addition to using higher-quality ingredients, craft beers are rich in vitamins and nutrients and contain polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties, can aid in digestion, and can help with insomnia and anxiety.

A high-quality craft beer menu will offer many different types of carefully crafted brews with different flavor profiles, and at Steamers Sports Pub, we take our craft brews seriously. Our sports pub located in Charlotte, North Carolina is in close proximity to many local craft breweries, and we are able to source some amazing beers for our craft beer menu.

If you are looking for a local pub where you can watch your favorite sporting events and enjoy games, such as pool, darts, foosball, cornhole, and trivia, while having great food and delicious drinks, come down and visit us! We have a beautiful selection of brews on our craft beer menu to complement any of our tasty dishes. Come visit us today!