Play Like the Pros: How to Score High on Dart Boards

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Playing darts is a great game for beginners, casual players, and those with more experience. If you are looking to take your dart playing game to the next level and practice some new skills, we are here to share tips and tricks for hitting your target and scoring high on dart boards.

Play Like the Pros: How to Score High on Dart Boards

Here’s how to really impress during your next game:

  • Know where to get the most points. Dart boards have a wide range of points, and the most exhilarating feeling is when you hit the bullseye. That’s worth the most points, right? Actually, while it’s an impressive feat, even scoring a bulls-eye every time is not worth the most amount of points on dart boards. The highest possible score in darts in 180, which can be obtained when all three of your darts hit the triple 20. This is the sweet spot to aim for to get the most points from your darts.
  • Aim true. In darts, it’s all about nailing the aim. Bring the dart up to your dominant eye and make a direct line of sight from your eye, down the dart, towards the target. Often, your dominant hand and dominant eye are the same side. When you are sighting your target, look specifically at which segment of the board you are aiming towards (not just the entire board). Readjust your position as needed.
  • Find the right grip. There are different types of grips that players will find more or less comfortable. Three-finger grips are the most common. You also need to find the right balance of holding the dart firmly, but not squeezing it tightly. Stay relaxed and don’t throw forcefully.

With practice, any beginner can become an experienced player at darts. Our dart boards are available, along with great food and drinks, so you can have fun and compete against yourself or friends.