The Noble History of the Sports Bar

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A staple of any American neighborhood is the sports bar, which has long been a place for locals to gather to watch the game they love with comfort food and a pint. You may not have realized that there is a long history to the sports bar, how they first started to become popular, and how some sports bar staples have evolved over time. We’re here to share its history with you, one that also shares how we got to where we are today.

The Noble History of the Sports Bar

Legend has it that the first American sports bar (to be labeled as such) was founded in 1933 in St. Louis on the day Prohibition ended. Palermo’s Tavern had operated as a restaurant for 10 years before drinks were allowed to be served again. It was also located next to Sportsman Park, so both fans and players were established patrons. As it transitioned to a sports bar, people gathered to eat, drink, and listen to the game over the radio. This started the tradition of coming together to drink and connect over sports.

Wings go hand-in-hand with sports bars and share a long history as well. It all began in 1964 in Buffalo, New York when the owner used a surplus of chicken wings from a delivery error along with ingredients she had available to serve what are now known as buffalo wings. Chicken Wing Day was officially declared on July 29, 1977 and is now celebrated yearly in Buffalo in honor of this iconic treat.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of the sports bar, as well as serving up delicious wings and other dishes, providing a space for people to gather to enjoy a good game, good food, and good drinks. Check out our menu and drop by soon.