Top Reasons a Craft Beer Menu is Better

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If you consider yourself a beer enthusiast, you may be looking for a good local pub to try new beers. At Steamers Sports Pub, we have an extensive craft beer menu. You may be wondering what makes a craft beer menu so special. Here are the top reasons why craft beer is better:

  • Support Local Business – When choosing a craft beer, you are supporting local business in your area. When you choose a more franchised beer, most of your money is going into the hands of a high-up executive. When choosing a craft beer, your money is likely staying local and supporting others in your community.

Top Reasons a Craft Beer Menu is Better

  • Superior Taste – A lot of great craft beers have great flavors. This includes the mixing of new, unique flavors. National franchised brands typically tend to stick with their same recipe and flavor. With a craft beer menu, you can discover new flavors and most likely find a flavor that suits your taste.
  • Nutritional Value – Believe it or not, choosing a beer off the craft beer menu could actually benefit your health. Consumed in moderation, craft beer is shown to lead to lower the rates of cardiovascular disease, as well as the risk of arthritis and diabetes.

We hope these reasons have inspired you to choose a beer from our craft beer menu. At Steamers, we offer a variety of craft beers made locally for you! By choosing craft beer, you are supporting local business, choosing a beer with superior taste, and choosing a healthier option. Stop by today and try our local brew!