We participate in Queen City Dart Association which has two seasons a year.
For more information on league please check their website!
We host a Blind Draw every Saturday Night at 8pm!
There is an $11 Entry Fee for the draw and there are Bullshoot tickets available for purchase!
Our blind draw is open to everyone with any skill level!

Click here for more information!

Here you can connect with other dart players, find forms for participation and see the schedule for local and travel tournaments!

Connect with dart players and see current events going on near by!


We participate in an APA travel league every Wednesday at 7pm.
Looking to Join a Team?
There are plenty of bars that participate in the APA travel league with teams that are always looking for players, regardless of skill level.

Please check out the website for any questions about the APA travel leagues hosted in Charlotte


From novice to professional, come out one of the two nights we offer for different game styles and the opportunity to meet other players.

Wednesday Night- Monster Draw @ 8pm
$5 Entry Fee
Friday Night- Partner Tournaments @ 8:30pm
$10 Entry Fee

Connect with other players and see events going on around you!